Episode 10 – Gerard Goggin and Larissa Hjorth: Mobile Media, Asian Media Cultures and Disability

May 28, 2015

Two leading international figures in mobile media and communications studies, Gerard Goggin and Larissa Hjorth, discuss the state of the field, Asian media cultures, mobile gaming and e-sports. Attention also turns to disability, the Paralympics and Oscar Pistorius.


Episode 9 – Portia Vann: Twitter, Social Media, Netball and the Asian Cup

April 30, 2015

In this episode we hear from a new voice in media sport research. Speaking via Skype, Portia Vann from the Social Media Research Group at the Queensland University of Technology discusses Twitter, the 2015 Asian Cup, and netball in Australia and New Zealand. We also chat about social media teams for major events, multilingual social networking, and software-assisted analysis.


Episode 8 – Thomas Horky: Sports Journalism and Media in Germany

April 5, 2015

Thomas Horky from Macromedia University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg chats about sports journalism, the International Press Sports Survey, and social media and the news. We also cover the FIFA World Cup, the Bundesliga & the media machine surrounding Ronaldo.


Episode 7 – Thomas Oates: Critiquing the NFL, Sports Video Games, and Neo-Liberalism

March 23, 2015

Thomas Oates discusses the NFL, the Super Bowlmythic spectaclesports video games, and neo-liberalism. Also listen in for why the O'Bannon vs the NCAA legal dispute matters for US college sports and the video game industry.  


Episode 6 – A special hour-long chat with Lawrence Wenner

March 8, 2015

Larry Wenner discusses the history of the field, sports dirtGeorge Gerbnerfallen heroesgendered inequality, and the enduring value of critical analysis.


Episode 5 - Holly Thorpe: Action Sports Cultures and Mobilities

December 11, 2014

Holly Thorpe from the Department of Sport and Leisure Studies at the University of Waikato in New Zealand talks about action sports, mobilities, the transnational imaginary, digital commemoration, GoPros, YouTube, parkour on the Gaza Strip, and Red Bull space jumps!


Episode 4 – Deborah Lupton: The Quantified Self and Self-Tracking

November 18, 2014

Professor Deborah Lupton from the News and Media Research Centre at the University of Canberra discusses the rise of the quantified self movement, self-tracking cultures, physical education in schools, the body, surveillance and big data.


Episode 3 – Rowan Wilken: Locative Media and Apps

October 16, 2014

Rowan Wilken from the Swinburne Institute for Social Research talks about the significance of locative media, the evolution of Foursquare, A-League football, and the growing importance of mobile apps in sports media practices and consumption.


Episode 2 – Raymond Boyle: The Commonwealth Games and Mega-Events

September 18, 2014

Professor Raymond Boyle from the Centre for Cultural Policy Research at the University of Glasgow discusses the 2014 Commonwealth Games, the relationship between the Games and the Scottish independence referendum, the use of smartphones and social media in the conduct of major sports events, and copyright and football.


Episode 1 – Andy Miah: Mobile Journalism, Google Glass and Bio-Ethics

August 20, 2014

Professor Andy Miah from the Creative Futures Institute joins me via Skype to speak about Google Glass, bio-ethics, mobile media, and drones.