Episode 28 – Ben Carrington: Race, Class, Activism and Cultural Studies

January 24, 2018

Episode 28 of the Media Sport Podcast Series features sports sociologist and cultural studies scholar, Ben Carrington. In a particularly rich conversation, we discuss race, class, Marx and the resurgence of activism in US sport. We also chat about the experience of living on both sides of the Atlantic, the legacy of Stuart Hall, and his must-read essay, 'Living the Crisis Through Ten Moments'.


Episode 27 – Toby Miller: Sport, the Environment and Greenwashing

October 5, 2017

Episode 27 of the Media Sport Podcast Series sees leading media and cultural studies scholar, Toby Miller, discuss his latest book, Greenwashing Sport. In explaining the relationship between sport and the environment, he highlights the ways in which professional sports are complicit in global environmental crises and climate change. Particular attention is paid to the examples of motor-racing, football and the Olympics, as well as environmental activism, the notion of a social licence to operate, and the catch-cry of sustainability.


Episode 26 – Kim Toffoletti: Female Sport Fans and Transnational Feminism

July 16, 2017

Episode 26 of the Media Sport Podcast Series features feminist media and sociology scholar, Kim Toffoletti, discussing the crucial intersections between sport, transnational feminism and female fan practices. She also shares her insights on violence against women by sportsmen, differing notions of living a feminist life and the pride of throwing like a girl.


Episode 25 – John Horne: Globalising Sport Studies, Sociology and Olympic Legacies

May 8, 2017

This episode features a leading international figure in the sociology of sport, John Horne. We discuss his efforts to globalise sport studies, football in East Asia, and the contested legacies of mega-events such as the London 2012 Olympics. Our chat finishes with a fascinating reflection on the importance of disappointment in sport.


Episode 24 – Robin Kietlinski: Women, Gender and Sport in Japan

March 18, 2017

The Series is back in 2017 with a fascinating discussion about the relationship between women, gender and sport in Japan. I am joined by Robin Kietlinski, the author of 'Japanese Women and Sport: Beyond Baseball and Sumo'. We discuss the history of women's sport, the challenges of linguistic and cultural translation, and the significance of the upcoming 2020 Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo.


Episode 23 – Jimmy Sanderson: The Changing Social Media Landscape and Youth Sports

November 28, 2016

In the final episode of 2016, Jimmy Sanderson (@Jimmy_Sanderson) from Arizona State University outlines the changing features of the social media landscape. We discuss the rise of Snapchat, Twitter and its discontents, and the pressing need to examine family communication in the context of sports. We also speak about the spectacle of the Little League World Series and what it says about the state of youth sports.


Episode 22 – T.L. Taylor: The Rise and Significance of eSports

October 30, 2016

Speaking via Skype, leading games studies scholar, T.L. Taylor (@ybika) from MIT Game Lab, explains why eSports matter in terms of social inclusion (the AnyKey Initiative – www.anykey.org/), fandom, and the rise of live streaming. We also discuss the history of eSports and their complicated relationship with other types of sporting competition.


Episode 21 – Mark Andrejevic: Drones, Sensors and Surfing in the Digital Enclosure

September 19, 2016

In a wide-ranging discussion, leading digital media scholar and keen surfer, Mark Andrejevic (@MarkAndrejevic), explains the logic of drones and their relationship to automation, sensors, data and power. We also discuss journalism, post-truth politics, the World Surf League and the appeal of surfing as a pastime.


Episode 20 – Andy Billings: Olympic Media, Nationalism and Rio 2016

July 30, 2016

Recorded in the lead-up to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, this episode features a discussion with leading sport communication and Olympic media scholar, Andy Billings, from the University of Alabama. He shares his insights on the power of the Olympic Games as a television and media event, and its intersections with nationalism and race. We also discuss the relationship between sport and social change, and the growth of the fantasy sport industry in the US.   


Episode 19 – Tom Evens: Television, Media Markets and Sport in Europe

June 28, 2016

As the UEFA Euro 2016 football championships take place, Tom Evens (@EvensTom) from Ghent University in Belgium outlines the economic power of television and the effects of market liberalisation across Europe. He also shares his insights about the weakening of the public service television sector, informal media economies, and the unique features of Belgian media.